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School policy on distribution of funds generated by research productivity


Faculty Funding Model

Higher Degree by Research

Research Active:
This policy uses the Faculty definition for Research Active as determined by the Faculty Board.

Research Grant Income:
Income received by the University that meets the definitions of Research Income as determined by the Research Grants Office.

School-based supervisor:
Any paid, adjunct or clinical staff member who is listed in SIMS as being a supervisor of a HDR student enrolled within the School.

This policy describes the process of allocation and distribution of Research Support Funds generated by research productivity as part of the Faculty Funding Model.

Policy statement


The FFM rewards Schools for research activities based on the relative performance of the School in a similar manner to the methodology used by the Australian Government to reward universities. The School has deemed it appropriate to reward research active staff for their productivity by providing Research Support Funds to senior researchers.

Research support funds

The School receives an allocation from the Faculty for the various components that constitute payments for Research productivity including HDR enrolments, Research Grant Income, Publications, HDR completions and Staff Distinctions.

HDR enrolment funds

The HDR enrolment income is used to subsidise the Research Support Funds allocated for each HDR student enrolled in PaLM. These funds are allocated on an annual basis for the period the student is undertaking laboratory work to a maximum of four years for full-time PhD students and two years for full-time Masters by Research students. Honours students are eligible for a maximum of one year of funding full-time. These funds should be used to support the student's research project including travel, computers or consumables.

PaLM HDR student support rates (2014)

  • PhD - $2000 pa
  • Masters - $2000 pa
  • Honours - $1250 pa

Research grant income

Income generated by the receipt of Research Grants and credited to the School will be used to contribute to Research Support Funds. Twenty five percent of the FFM income granted to the School will be forwarded to the researcher who has generated those funds. The FFM is currently based on the research income collected in the previous two years. Unless previously agreed, funds will be allocated to the senior investigator.


Income generated by the publication of research outputs will be distributed in a similar manner to Research Grant Income. Publication income is based on the outputs published over the previous three years.

HDR completions

Income generated on the successful completion of a HDR student will be distributed in a similar manner to Research Grant Income. HDR completion funds are generated over a three year period. Unless previously agreed, funds will be allocated to the senior School-based supervisor.

Staff distinctions

Staff Distinction funds, namely promotion to Level E and awarding of a Fellowship from one of the Learned Academies listed in the FFM are awarded in full to the individual who earned the honour.

Annual allocation

Research Support Funds are allocated on an annual basis following the release of the Faculty Budget. Funding should be used to support research activities within the School and can be used for items including travel, computers, staff or consumables. Funds that remain unspent will not be required to be returned to the School. However they may be taken into consideration when allocating additional resources.

Staff funded by competitive grants

Senior research active staff who fund their own salaries from external, competitive sources such as NHMRC Fellowships can apply for up to 50 per cent of the FFM funds they generate to be applied to their research group. This can be done by either an increase in the Research Support Funds or salary supplementation.

Eligible staff

Adjunct and clinical staff will be supported under this policy in the same manner as paid staff of the University. Conjoint staff are eligible to claim for funding that is included in the School's annual research activity reporting.

Individual versus pooled distribution of funds

Staff who are likely to generate significant amounts of Research Support Funds (usually by supervision of HDR students or Research Grants) will be allocated a separate Project Grant to hold their productivity income. This income can be spent on research related activities at their discretion. Staff with an individual Project Grant are not eligible to apply for pooled funding.

Some staff will generate small amounts of research productivity funding usually via research publications only. These monies would normally be held in a pool and be available to any member who has contributed to the pool. The allocation of funds from the pool is at the discretion of the Head of School.

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