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Pathology Museum

The FA Hadley Pathology Museum Collection


The awarding of a UWA Annual Alumni Fund grant in 2013 enabled the School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine to initiate a process to modernise the FA Hadley Pathology Museum. The Museum was established in 1959 and is a unique and valuable collection of more than 3,500 pathology specimens, covering a wide range of pathological process of all the human body systems. It consists of preserved, dissected human specimens mounted in plastic containers.

The Museum is used for the education of medical, nursing and science undergraduates as well as for the training of specialist pathologists to improve their understanding of mechanisms of disease and diagnostic pathology.

The awarding of the 2013 Annual Alumni grant enabled:

  • the design and development of a searchable online specimen catalogue 
  • the inclusion of the Museum’s top 250 specimens with images in the catalogue
  • the installation of touchscreens (a kiosk and wall-mounted iPads) presenting the catalogue 
  • provision of portable audio players
  • the inauguration of the Museum as the Pathology and Education Learning Centre (PELC)


Since the completion of this initial phase of the project in November 2014, PELC has been acclaimed within the University and by external bodies for its innovation and quality. The PELC online catalogue and exhibits have been well received by students.

The School continues to develop this unique resource which can be used to promote student and public understanding of pathological processes and the importance of pathology in the delivery of healthcare. The PELC catalogue also plays an important role in promoting student and public understanding of the role of pathology in identification and treatment of disease.